Your Escape The Fate Secrets.
Hey guys.

I haven’t gotten any submitions for days now, and I’m planning on closing this blog. I don’t see the point in trying to keep it going…

So sorry to all the fans (if there are any) but this blog doesn’t work without submitions.



Come on guys, keep the stories coming !


Hey guys, hoping for submitions ! :D I’m counting on your juicy stories to keep my blog going !

Super glad someone else agrees on the Craig/Gab situation.

That’s good :)

Hey you guys ! :D

Keep the submitions coming ! You know you want to ! 

I love you all !

I feel so out of the loop right now.. I've heard so many things about Craig and Gab but I have no idea whats going on... Do you know anything?

no sweetheart, I try to keep my nose out of that because I don’t want to hear that they’re still together, in my mind they’re not together and that’s how I want it to stay in my mind because I think he deserves so much better, but if they are together I think he’s trying to do right by Leila by keeping her parents together…I’m sorry I’m not much help honey.


Please submit your stories,secrets or just whatever you want to share about our boys ! :D

Love you all !

You guys want to submit something ? :)
Jesus Christ, I threw up at the thought of Max joining the 27 club. BUBBLE WRAP AND BULLET PROOF VEST THIS MAN!

I agree
We need to keep him safe… 

Max Green made me believe in myself, and not giving a crap about what everyone thinks of me ... He stopped me from cutting myself.

That is so great to hear dear anon.
I’m glad you shared this